Music & Arts


This program captures a child’s imagination and creativity through a variety of experiences. The richer a child’s sensory environment, the more a child’s brain will develop. Listening to music, singing song, using imagination and drama, exploring creative works, including painting and sculpture using dough and clay, all combine to enrich a child’s world and encourages their brain development. Being involved in many assorted activities allows your child to be better able to focus and discover their bodies as well as learns to play better with their peers and have higher self-esteem.

This important part of our routine enables your child to spend part of their day exploring their expressive, artistic and creative. We sing both traditional and modern songs as well as listening to music from different cultures. Our children are encouraged to join in by using different musical instruments such as tambourines, bells, triangles and rhythm sticks.

Music and Arts are an important aspect in a child’s learning process which enhances communication, language and confidence, including self-esteem. Participation in these forms of program has been shown to also assist children in maths problem solving and science, and helps develop their reasoning skills. It also develops their spoken language and comprehension skills which forms the foundation for reading.