The literacy program teaches letter sounds (including phonics) in an enjoyable, multi-sensory way through unique stories and songs.

This program introduces your child to a new letter of the alphabet each week. They learn the sound associated with the ‘letter of the week’ through the use of an engaging story and unique action for that letter. Each week we compound this information with new letters, building on their knowledge and confidence in their skills.

We also build on this concept through the use of interactive SMARTboard adding the fun and excitement of this technology to consolidate the learning process. Literacy, especially phonetics equips your child with the tools to become self-confident and prepare them for the transition to kindergarten.

As part of this multi-sensory approach we utilise “NSW Foundation Handwriting” fonts in exercises. This is a key component of the primary school curriculum in Australia and will assist your child greatly when they encounter this in their first year of school in kindergarten. It is our aim to provide your child, while in our care, with an enthusiastic approach aimed at stimulating your child in a fun and exciting way to learn vital early literacy skills.