Health & Fitness

The importance of a child’s physical and emotional development in the preschool years cannot be underestimated and we recognise this by promoting health and fitness.

Our program includes Crunch and Sip and Munch and Moove experiences which helps provide your child with the fundamentals for developing healthy eating and exercise. Exercises improve hand-eye co-ordination as well as builds motor skills that promote balance and spatial awareness. These programs also teach the basics of anatomy learning about muscles and body parts.

Participation in a fitness program not only provides your child with the benefits of physical development, but also assists them in developing their social skills. Your child learns to work together with others through activities and is encouraged to participate at their own pace. Their confidence and leadership skills grow through the program – assets they will utilise throughout their lives.


Music & Arts

This program captures a child’s imagination and creativity through a variety of experiences. The richer a child’s sensory environment, the more a child’s brain will develop. Listening to music, singing song, using imagination and drama, exploring creative works, including painting and sculpture using dough and clay, all combine to enrich a child’s world and encourages their brain development. Being involved in many assorted activities allows your child to be better able to focus and discover their bodies as well as learns to play better with their peers and have higher self-esteem.

This important part of our routine enables your child to spend part of their day exploring their expressive, artistic and creative. We sing both traditional and modern songs as well as listening to music from different cultures. Our children are encouraged to join in by using different musical instruments such as tambourines, bells, triangles and rhythm sticks.

Music and Arts are an important aspect in a child’s learning process which enhances communication, language and confidence, including self-esteem. Participation in these forms of program has been shown to also assist children in maths problem solving and science, and helps develop their reasoning skills. It also develops their spoken language and comprehension skills which forms the foundation for reading.



Research has shown that a good early childhood start to numeracy is critical to later numeracy success. During a child’s first years of life, the foundations of numeracy are established. It is the quality and quantity of mathematical experiences which are the main factors in determining achievement in a child’s later life.

A child’s early numeracy skills encompass more than just knowing their numbers and the ability to count. Often overlooked are the other mathematical concepts such as spatial and measurement skills and understanding. Therefore an effective pre-school numeracy curriculum must cater for a range of abilities, a range of interests and be about more than number counting and recognition.



The literacy program teaches letter sounds (including phonics) in an enjoyable, multi-sensory way through unique stories and songs.

This program introduces your child to a new letter of the alphabet each week. They learn the sound associated with the ‘letter of the week’ through the use of an engaging story and unique action for that letter. Each week we compound this information with new letters, building on their knowledge and confidence in their skills.

We also build on this concept through the use of interactive SMARTboard adding the fun and excitement of this technology to consolidate the learning process. Literacy, especially phonetics equips your child with the tools to become self-confident and prepare them for the transition to kindergarten.

As part of this multi-sensory approach we utilise “NSW Foundation Handwriting” fonts in exercises. This is a key component of the primary school curriculum in Australia and will assist your child greatly when they encounter this in their first year of school in kindergarten. It is our aim to provide your child, while in our care, with an enthusiastic approach aimed at stimulating your child in a fun and exciting way to learn vital early literacy skills.