About Us

Our Vision, Values, Goals and Beliefs

The staff and management of Bomaderry Learning Centre embrace the following


Our Vision

To provide high quality Christian child care and preschool education for children aged 2-5 in a safe, happy, learning environment.


  • Each child’s right to be individuals whom need to have their physical and emotional needs catered for by caring and competent educators.
  • The uniqueness of parents and families. Families will be respected, and our practice of care and education is relative to each child’s family circumstances, customs and beliefs.
  • Our centre. We will strive to ensure it’s responsibly managed and provides a well structured teaching and play based program for all the children who attend.
  • Our educators. We will provide a supportive environment where Educators strive to build their personal and professional goals.
  • Our nation’s first people. We will ensure our practices build understanding on the uniqueness of all cultures especially that of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Bomaderry Learning centre practices and shows cultural safety to all.


  • To provide a strong foundation for children prior to entry to school.
  • To provide genuine connections for educator and family facilitation including supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all.
  • To deliver a sensibly managed service which is valued by families and the community.
  • To encourage and appreciate parent involvement and welcome opportunities to share ideas and experiences.
  • To embrace a culture of change, growth and understanding for all.
  • To build and maintain a strong and communal partnership with other early childhood and community professionals.

Overall, we aim to create an environment where children can become excited, enthusiastic, curious and challenged. A centre where children will be encouraged to follow their own interests and allowed to take risks where safe and realistic – the catalyst for their own curriculum and learning.


  • It is important to instil knowledge and understanding that encourages, supports and models positive ways to relate to others.
  • That our curriculum, which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and other curriculums such as the High Scope Curriculum, enhances our ‘intentional teaching sessions’ adding ‘school based relationships and preparation.
  • That when children play with other children they create social groups, test out ideas, test emotional balance, challenge each other’s thinking and build new understandings.
  • As educators our role is to provide supportive environments where children can ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking.
  • That children should be held, cuddled, loved, listened to in a safe and secure environment with people who understand their individual “ways of being”.
  • That children should be allowed to create using a variety of natural and made materials, including textural and sensory activities.
  • That children should be provided choices and given responsibilities to gain confidence and build a positive self‐image.
  • That children should be given the opportunity to dramatise the family and adult world through role‐play and through the use of incidental themes.
  • That children should be able to enjoy quiet times of concentration with equipment like books, puzzles and manipulative games to learn peace and calm.
  • That children should be able to enjoy and participate in creative arts such as story time, music, dancing and plays.
  • That children should be able to build friendships with peers and with children older and younger than they are in order to set up self control skills and set limits.
  • That children should be able to build knowledge reflecting the broader community, both indigenous and all cultures world wide.
  • That children should understand and learn about sustainable practice and our environment.
  • That children should learn about their bodies and how to keep them healthy.
  • That children should be able to explore, take risks and learn in a challenging space.

Our Vision, Purpose, Values, Goals and Philosophy are based on the Principles of the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations and National Quality Standards, Early Childhood Code of Ethics and National Rights of the Child and are reviewed annually. Our Curriculum encompasses BELONGING BEING and BECOMING (National Early Years Learning Framework, 2009).